Quality Education

SOLUTT Research & Technology Division aspires to be at the forefront of RF & Wireless Systems Research through active development and quality research initiatives. Our passion for innovation and Technological Excellence ensures that we provide you with unmatched Technology Education initiatives which place strong emphasis on quality to establish and facilitate Innovation Rich Collaboration. Some features are:

  • High Value Skills Development Programs to help you go beyond the simple understanding of technology domains.
  • Course Curriculums are regularly upgraded to ensure that you have your finger on the pulse of new technology and research
  • Consultants with relevant industry experience designing, implementing, testing and optimizing systems & networks and therefore bring invaluable knowledge to the classroom
  • Instructors are focused on knowledge-transfer and teach by adapting to the student’s needs.

Expertise in Wireless

As a knowledge-based company, SOLUTT Corporation prides itself in being the expert, and equipping each client to “become an expert”. Our instructors and consultants are best-in-class, having achieved substantial industry experience in areas such as product definition and development, network deployment, and network and systems engineering and research. We possess both breadth and depth of knowledge, allowing us not only to bring you the technical details but, the big picture view as well. We have expertise in the following core technological domains:

  • Wireless Networking and Communication
  • Antenna Design and Engineering
  • Simulation, Modeling & Performance Analysis
  • Protocols & Test-beds
  • Next-Generation Networks